Student Loan Relief Contest

Student Loan Relief Contest

Get your student loan bill paid!

Let’s face it, student loans suck and it feels like a debt that’ll never go away.  That’s why we decided to help our talented student community by offering a bit of relief in these times of need.  Now while we can’t offer loan forgiveness like Biden, we can ease the burden for 1 deserving individual with a $503 1st place prize which is the average monthly payment for student loans.

This contest will be a 1 month long contest and will have our biggest 1st place prize to date!  Be sure to join before 3/4 and if you happen to know a friend or family member who could use a bit of relief then tell them about us.  We’re all going through tough times and the only way we can get through this is if we do it together.

Good luck and go Get your Share!

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