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Have you heard of the infamous Cryptoqueen?

Ruja Ignatova is a German-Bulgarian businesswoman who is the founder of OneCoin, a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme that is estimated to have bilked investors out of over $4 billion. She is currently on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, is the only woman on the list, and one of just 11 women to ever be… Continue reading Have you heard of the infamous Cryptoqueen?

A Technical Recession

Stocks have been hammered since the beginning of 2022 with increasing inflation that doesn’t seem to stop. Even after two 50-point base rate hikes, inflation spiked and currently sits at 8.6% up from 8.3% which is the most since 1981. This is very confusing because you have a jobs report that added 390,000 jobs in… Continue reading A Technical Recession

Crypto Legislation Begins

Depending on what side of the Crypto Coin you’re on, Crypto legislation may be good or bad for business. Purists believe it should stay as originally intended… Decentralized. While many others feel that without guaranties from governments and Banks backing it, it may backslide into the abyss. I for one feel that crypto can never… Continue reading Crypto Legislation Begins

Analyst says $100,000 Bitcoin by next year

The president of macroeconomic research firm Lamoureux & Co., Yves Lamoureux, who has made some prescient predictions on crypto (not to mention equities). He said the so-called winter for bitcoin BTCUSD is over for now, with a forecast for the No. 1 cryptocurrency to reach $100,000 by later 2023, in a run higher that could last… Continue reading Analyst says $100,000 Bitcoin by next year

Stable Coin Crypto-Crash

A stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency with a value pegged to other assets, usually fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar. They are designed to maintain a stable price, which makes them popular when it comes to facilitating trading, lending and borrowing of other digital assets. Some stablecoins, such as USDT USDTUSD, 0.12% and USDC USDCUSD, 0.00%, are backed by… Continue reading Stable Coin Crypto-Crash

Satoshi Island is real and it’s coming!

Sitting between Fiji and Australia sits a 32 million square foot island that is being developed into the world’s crypto currency capital. The Island is owned by Satoshi Island Holding with plans to make it a crypto community with 21,000 residents. It is estimated that between 50k to 80k people have signed up for citizenship… Continue reading Satoshi Island is real and it’s coming!

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