Streak Prizes

Streak Prizes

The following are the published prizes for MarketDraft’s streak gameplay, effective June 1st, 2023. For further information, refer to our Terms of Service and Rules and Restrictions.

The prizes are divided into two categories: Monthly and Yearly. Monthly prizes are reset at the beginning of each month, while Yearly prizes reset 1 year after the date of initial participation.

For example, if John begins his first streak game on June 1st, 2023, he has until May 31st, 2024, to achieve a yearly prize before the cycle resets.

Streak Prizes

Prizes are awarded based on performance from the start to the end of a month and are distributed early the following month. The user’s “Best Streak” of the month determines the rankings and payouts.

Yearly payouts are individual achievements and non-competitive; thus, multiple players can win the Platinum Bull prize. A player can only win a specific prize once per their calendar year, as explained above. A player will only receive the highest possible prize based on their streak. For instance, if their Bull streak ends at 125, they will receive the Golden Bull prize of $10,000, but not the Silver or Bronze prizes. If the same player achieves another streak of 104 in the same calendar year, they will receive the Silver Bull prize, as it is the next highest achieved prize.


  • Diamond Bull (streak of 200) = $1,000,000
  • Platinum Bull (streak of 150) = $100,000
  • Platinum Bear (streak of 150) = $50,000
  • Golden Bull (streak of 100) = $10,000
  • Golden Bear (streak of 100) = $5,000
  • Silver Bull (streak of 50) = $1,000
  • Silver Bear (streak of 50) = $500
  • Bronze Bull (streak of 20) = $150
  • Bronze Bear (streak of 20) = $75


  • Bull of the Month 1st Place Bull Streak = $100.00
  • Bear of the Month 1st Place Bear Streak = $100.00
  • Bull Streak finish in 2nd thru 10th = $30.00
  • Bear Streak finish in 2nd thru 10th = $30.00
  • Bull Streak of 5 or more = $5.00
  • Bear Streak of 5 or more = $5.00


Participants must be active MarketDraft members with accounts based in the United States. Accounts must be in good standing and not under investigation for multi-accounting or any other violation of our terms of service.


Join the stock streak contest from the MarketDraft lobby and make picks each day. Refer to the rules and scoring for further details on the gameplay, which requires picking a stock that will finish positive each market day and another that will finish negative.

Stock Selections

The selection of stocks is subject to change daily at MarketDraft’s discretion.

Tie Breakers & Restrictions

Users cannot receive multiple compounding prizes of the same category within a month. For instance, if you have a streak of 5, break it, and then have another streak of 5 within the same month, you will only receive the prize once. However, users are eligible to earn multiple different prizes.  For example, 5 bull streak + 5 bear streak + finish 2nd thru 10th bull = $5 + $5 + $30 = $40 in total prizes.

A running streak cannot be carried over from one year to the next. If a user has a running streak at the end of their year, they will receive the highest possible prize for that streak, and the streak will reset for the new year.

In the event of a tie, the ranking order is determined firstly by participation and secondly by accuracy. For instance, if two people tie for 1st place, the player who has participated in more streak contests for that month will take the spot. If both players have equal participation, the player with higher accuracy will be the winner. If both participation and accuracy are identical, the prize will be divided among the tied winners, as in any swing trader contest.

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