Share and “Get Your Share” Social Media Promo

Share and “Get Your Share” Social Media Promo

We love MarketDraft, we know you love MarketDraft, and we know there are others out there who love MarketDraft too but they don’t know about us yet.  That’s why we are starting a new, on-going, promo to help get the word out so that everyone can join in the fun and get their share too!

The “Get your Share” promotion is simple, just post about us on your favorite social media and share with us a link to your post to get $5 deposited into your account!  However it doesn’t stop there, as an added bonus your post can earn you an extra $100 per 10k likes it receives up to a maximum of $500! Some rules and restrictions to the content do apply so please check those out below.

We are so happy to have all of you with us and we would love to see our community grow in the coming years.  We believe everyone can learn about the stock market and have a fun and rewarding time in doing so.  Let’s spread the word so that everyone can get their share in the future and so you can Get your Share today!

Rules and Eligibility subject to change.

1. Users can make a post about MarketDraft on either Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or Twitter.

2. The content of the post must contain MarketDraft brand and app promotion, and/or any content or post samples listed below. Users post must also tag us @marketdraft. You may use this link to download images to use in your posts if you wish.

3. Post Content

-Daily Contests.
-Upcoming special, high value, contests.
-Winnings received from MarketDraft.
-How easy it is to play and win while learning about stocks and/or crypto.
-Sign up, Play, Learn, Win!
-MarketDraft “Get Your Share”

Sample Post:

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

4. A link to the post must be sent to with the subject line Social Media Promo. Username must be included in the subject line or in the body of the email along with the link. NOTE: If you are posting in your story on Facebook or Instagram then please take a screen shot and include that in the email as well. We are unable to verify posts made to stories after 24 hours because of the nature of these posts.

5. Regardless of platforms used and/or number of posts made, a user may only receive the $5 Social Media Promo Reward once a month.

6. The post must be made on a social media account that has activity. Posts made to fresh or dead/ghost accounts will not qualify.

6a) An active account has:

  • Regular posts being made on account. (3 posts per week)
  • Has active friends and followers. (10 or more friends)
  • Posts made get interacted with, i.e commented on, liked, shared.

6b) A fresh account:

  • An account made within the past few months.
  • Has very few friends and/or followers.
  • Clearly made for spam and/or the immediate use for promotions.
  • No or Low activity.

6c) A Dead/Ghost account has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • few/no friends and followers.
  • long stretches between posts.
  • only contains posts of a similar nature. i.e. an account made to share high scores, posts ads, daily shares, etc. for in-game bonuses on other apps.

7. Eligibility

  • You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and a resident of the United States of America.
  • Must have an existing MarketDraft account or sign-up for one. Payments will be deposited to the users MarketDraft account and comply with MarketDraft withdrawal terms and conditions.

8. Post Restrictions

Inappropriate, Racial, Sexual, Violent Language. Nudity/Sexual content. An Illegal drugs, content, or behavior. Financial advice on behalf of MarketDraft, negative misrepresentation of MarketDraft website, mobile app, game play and /or content and its users.

9. Legal Disclaimer

MarketDraft is not responsible for any action taken by any social media platform on the users account for any post made for the MarketDraft social post promo.

10. Bonus

Users will receive $100 bonus per 10K likes on any MarketDraft promo post. Extra restrictions and rules apply.

Posts will have a set time-frame in which to meet the bonus requirement. An email will be sent notifying users of the start and end of the promotion periods. Users will be responsible for sending their posts to MarketDraft.

Payment eligibility:

  • Payable posts must have been made within and have accrued likes during the set time-frame.
  • Posts must be reported on to MarketDraft by the end of the allotted period to be paid.
  • Reports must include your username, a link to the post, the total number of likes at the time of submission as well as a screenshot.
  • Reports of posts made after the deadline will not qualify for payment.
  • The maximum amount paid per post is $500 (50k likes)
  • Limited to 1 payable post per set period.


  • The use of bots to artificially boost the impressions of any post will disqualify it for payment.
  • Additionally, all submitted posts by the user will be disqualified and the user will henceforth be ineligible from participating again.

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