Join us on Reddit and Discord

The MarketDraft team is very excited to announce we’re expanding the platform’s social reach and adding a Subreddit and Discord Server! This change will add numerous new social aspects to the platform and allow our users to discuss contests, strategy, profits and losses, and much more. Included in this article are quick guides on how to join both the Subreddit and new Discord server.

Joining us on REDDIT

  1. Sign up for Reddit. Create a username, password, or login with your existing account.
  2. Use this link here. This will take you to our Subreddit.
  3. Click JOIN. Additionally, click the adjacent BELL button to receive notifications and updates from MarketDraft.

Once done, you’re all set!


Joining us on DISCORD

  1. Head over to to sign up for or download Discord.
  2. In your newly downloaded Discord Client, or in the browser, sign in or create an account.
  3. Follow this link,, to join our discord. You should see this page:
  4. When joining, in the “USERNAME”, add your MarketDraft Username!
  5. Once you’re in the server, head over to “WELCOME” and click the thumbs up to verify your account.


Once you’re verified – welcome! You’re officially in.  Enjoy discussing your picks and strategy with other users.

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