Stock Changes and Delistings

We’ve got a handful of changes made this month to our database.  Check below to see if your favorite stock is among the list.

For the month of May we have 4 stocks which had their tickers changed and they break down as follows:

  • Tickers changed but remain on NASDAQ or NYSE
    • WISH -> LOGC Contextlogic Inc
    • CNHI -> CNH CNH Industrial NV
  • Tickers changed and moved to OTCMKTS.
    • FUV -> FUVV Arcimoto Inc
    • CLVV -> CLVR Clever Leaves Holdings Inc

Stocks that have been moved to the OTCMKTS can no longer be found on MarketDraft as it is not an Exchange that is covered.

The following are stocks that have been delisted.  These stocks have been either completely removed from the market or have been moved to the OTCMKTS, an exchange we don’t cover.

  • Stocks completely delisted:
    • PXD Pioneer Natural Resources Co.
    • AGTI Agiliti Inc
    • SP Sp Plus Corp
    • TAST Carrols Restaurant Group Inc
    • SWAV Shockwave Medical Inc
    • FATH Fathom Digital Manufacturing Corp
  • Delisted from NYSE or NASDAQ and moved to OTCMKTS
    • MRAI Marpai

That’s all we got for this month, now go out there and Get your Share.

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