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Small-Cap Comeback?

Recent interest rate increases have turned small cap stocks into potential money makers. It may be the time to hit the buy button on that little stock you’ve been keeping your eye on. While stocks have taken a beating this year, small caps have taken it on the chin. The chart shows the weighted forward… Continue reading Small-Cap Comeback?

Analyst says $100,000 Bitcoin by next year

The president of macroeconomic research firm Lamoureux & Co., Yves Lamoureux, who has made some prescient predictions on crypto (not to mention equities). He said the so-called winter for bitcoin BTCUSD is over for now, with a forecast for the No. 1 cryptocurrency to reach $100,000 by later 2023, in a run higher that could last… Continue reading Analyst says $100,000 Bitcoin by next year

Cathie Woods and the ARK ETF Rollercoaster

If you’ve never heard the name, then you may have been hiding under the proverbial “Wall Street rock” as the name Cathie Woods seemed to be the Genius of wall street when her ARK ETF fund went ballistic in 2020.  The 66-year-old investor had attracted millions of devoted followers with a unique vision that she… Continue reading Cathie Woods and the ARK ETF Rollercoaster

Memorial Day Donation

In honor of the brave soldiers who served our country and gave everything for our freedom, we will be giving a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project this Memorial Day. The donation will be equal to the prize amount for our Memorial Day Crypto Contest. The Memorial Day contest will be free to join until… Continue reading Memorial Day Donation

Stable Coin Crypto-Crash

A stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency with a value pegged to other assets, usually fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar. They are designed to maintain a stable price, which makes them popular when it comes to facilitating trading, lending and borrowing of other digital assets. Some stablecoins, such as USDT USDTUSD, 0.12% and USDC USDCUSD, 0.00%, are backed by… Continue reading Stable Coin Crypto-Crash

CRO coin looking to be a major player in the industry

Crypto.Com’s “CRO” coin is looking to be a premier cryptocurrency by effectively eliminating the middleman and the slice they take out of your pie. Web 3.0 is the new type of decentralized finance app, especially in the payments and staking arena. It essentially means that there is no middleman taking fees for financial transactions. Web… Continue reading CRO coin looking to be a major player in the industry

How to claim your Crypto prizes

Claiming your prize is quite simple and this will be a small step-by-step guide to help you with the process. What we need from you is an address to your wallet, and the platform, so that we may send the Cryptocurrency. Below we will show you how to do with with Coinbase as well as… Continue reading How to claim your Crypto prizes

Are we headed for a Housing Market crash like the one in 2008?

All good things must come to an end, or at least come back down to Earth…. We hope! Since the pandemic spurred the Feds into dropping interest rates across the board, we saw the housing market explode into the beast that it is now. And now after more than two years of record setting home… Continue reading Are we headed for a Housing Market crash like the one in 2008?

Alternate Prizes: Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic and there is a ton to choose from which can make it an overwhelming task to jump into if you are new.  That’s why we wish to help you start building your own crypto portfolio by offering cryptocurrency as a rewards, after-all there is no better time to start building… Continue reading Alternate Prizes: Cryptocurrency

Netflix Chills

April 20th caught Netflix investors by surprise. Shares of Netflix are imploding after the company reported its first quarterly loss of subscribers in more than a decade, far underperforming expectations and worrying investors that had been betting that a handful of big tech companies would continue to grow at a rapid clip. Netflix said its decision to… Continue reading Netflix Chills

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