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MarketDraft – Referral Program Paused

We’d like to spend a moment to thank our MarketDraft users help grow our community! Our referral program has been a huge success and we’re glad you’ve been so ambitious to tell your friends about the exciting stock market and crypto contests on MarketDraft. We’ll always be committed to providing fun, educational, and rewarding contests… Continue reading MarketDraft – Referral Program Paused

3 stock trading tips for the week

Here are a few tips for those getting into the market this week courtesy of seeitmarket.com

3 Tips

Stocks to keep a look out for in December

As we head into December and the Holiday season you may ask yourself what stocks you should look out for. Some companies like to wait till around this time for a big new item that it sure to be on anyone’s wish-list. If you know of any that may be coming out with a fancy… Continue reading Stocks to keep a look out for in December

Top Movers

Need a little help deciding what top pick? Check out yesterdays top 7 stocks and cryptos with the most change to see how the market is doing and what’s trending.


Want to see how the rest of the competition stacks up? Wonder what stocks and cryptos are the most popular? Then check out our Leaderboards! Click to see who are the Top Dogs of Market Draft.

Video Tutorials

That’s right! We have video tutorials to help all you new members understand and use the Market Draft platform.

Click here to be taken to the top of the main page.

If you are looking for a specific topic then you can click on the links below to be taken straight to that video.

The Lobby

Joining your first contest

Crypto contests

Using the Market Draft App

Market Simulator

Get your Crypto Knowledge

New to the exciting world of Cryptocurrency?

Want some information to help you get started in this vast new world?

Look no further cause we got you covered! Click here to find out more.

Get your Stock Knowledge

New to the world of stocks and trading?

Want some information to help you get started?

Look no further cause we got you covered! Click here to find out more.

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