MarketDraft – Referral Program Paused

We’d like to spend a moment to thank our MarketDraft users help grow our community!

Our referral program has been a huge success and we’re glad you’ve been so ambitious to tell your friends about the exciting stock market and crypto contests on MarketDraft. We’ll always be committed to providing fun, educational, and rewarding contests and simulation tools, however, protecting the integrity of our community is of the utmost importance.

As of 6PM ET 12/7/2021 we temporarily suspended the real-cash referral system crediting until we implement additional validation procedures to root out fake accounts, bot activity, and other malicious practices that violate our terms of service such as multi-accounts from the same person or IP address.

We expect to have our referral crediting back online in the coming weeks with new incentives. Look for news from our team with any changes as we continue to improve our platform. Thank you!

///// UPDATE — 12/8/21 5:44PM ET

Withdrawal processing has temporarily changed from (24-48 hours) to (3 to 5 days). While processing requests, Zelle and Venmo were denying numerous recipient accounts while allowing others, therefore, both have temporarily been removed as a withdrawal options. If your withdrawal was valid and you were declined for this reason, simply resubmit the request. Thank you for your patience and for enjoying the MarketDraft platform.

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