How to claim your Crypto prizes

Claiming your prize is quite simple and this will be a small step-by-step guide to help you with the process.

What we need from you is an address to your wallet, and the platform, so that we may send the Cryptocurrency. Below we will show you how to do with with Coinbase as well as TrustWallet. We will not cover how to do this for every wallet but the process for every wallet is generally the same.



1. From the home page select ‘Receive’ from the choices near the top.


2. Change your currency to the one you wish to receive.  Tap on the currently selected currency to bring up a list. You may scroll through the list or search for it via the search bar at the top.

3. Once you’ve selected the currency, (in this case $XRP), please take a screen shot and email the picture to us.

Please send your emails to with the aforementioned screenshot, relevant information, and the name of the contest in the subject bar.





1. From the home page select ‘Receive’ at the top.

2. Search for the coin/token you wish to receive, in this case CRO.

3. After selecting CRO you will be brought to this screen. From here you can select share and email this to us at

Please note that it states only CRO coins can be sent, any other coins could be lost permanently. You must make sure to select the correct cryptocurrency.

Please include in the subject line “CRO Prize Request” and include your username either in the subject line or in the body of the email.

As mentioned before, the process of requesting is similar on other wallets as well. If you are having trouble please send us an email about the problem and any relevant information.

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