Crypto Hero Chainlink Special Contest Rules

Are you ready to be the Hero?

Our crypto payout contest is back! Come show us why you are the Crypto Hero by taking 1st place and earning some amazing Chainlink cryptocurrency!

Contest Terms and Conditions Disclaimer

  1. Eligibility: This contest is open exclusively to residents of the United States.
  2. Agreement: By entering this contest, participants agree to abide by these conditions and the Terms of Service set forth by MarketDraft.
  3. Disqualification: MarketDraft holds the authority to disqualify any entrant for any breach of these terms or other reasons deemed appropriate.
  4. Prize Structure:
    • Prizes will be awarded in the form of $LINK coins as:
      • 1st place: 5 $LINK coins
      • 2nd place: 4 $LINK coins
      • 3rd place: 3 $LINK coins
      • 4th-6th place: 2 $LINK coins
      • 7th-10th place: 1 $LINK coins
    • The cash alternative for prizes is specified as:
      • 1st: $50
      • 2nd: $40
      • 3rd: $30
      • 4th-6th: $20 each
      • 7th-10th: $10 each
  5. Liability: MarketDraft is not accountable for lost, stolen prizes, or the fluctuation in the value of prizes. Furthermore, MarketDraft assumes no liability or interest in any legal or financial aspects linked with the $LINK coin or any DeFi wallet.
  6. Release: Prize winners agree to absolve MarketDraft from any liabilities related to the prize.

Informational Disclaimer

  • Cryptocurrencies like $LINK are volatile, and values can shift drastically.
  • Before investing in any cryptocurrency, ensure you are aware of the risks and conduct independent research.
  • MarketDraft does not furnish financial counsel and assumes no liability for losses from cryptocurrency investments.

Questions? Reach out to MarketDraft at for any queries.

Additional Details

  • Contest Duration: Contest entry begins October 25th. The contest will start November 6th and conclude on November 17th, 2023.
  • Entry Requirements: Entrants must be registered on MarketDraft with a verified email. Participation can be initiated from the MarketDraft lobby.
  • Wallet Requirements: Winners should possess a cryptocurrency wallet to receive prizes, including but not limited to, Coinbase, MetaMask, and TrustWallet.
  • Prize Valuation: As of 10-25-2023, 1 $LINK was valued at $11.03 USD. The cash value of prizes will be recorded in winners’ annual MarketDraft winnings. Withdrawals exceeding $250 may require a social security number, and any user accumulating over $600 annually will necessitate a 1099-MISC tax form from MarketDraft.
  • Prize Claim: Winners have a 30-day window to claim their prizes. Any unclaimed prizes after this period revert to MarketDraft’s ownership.
  • Affiliation Disclaimer: Chainlink, ($LINK), has no association with this contest.

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