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Here is a quick link to help explain a stock split

With GOOGLE on the verge of a 20-1 stock split, many investors are betting on a good return leading up to the split. So what is a stock split? What is all the hype? Well, click the link below and school yourself. Understanding Stock Splits and What Happens Next (

What is an ETF?

Here’s another diamond in the rough for ya!! Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – explained | iShares – BlackRock

What is an Altcion? Cryptocurrency Explained.

Here’s a quick link to explain what all the hype is about and how crypto works! Happy Trading!!! How Does Cryptocurrency Work? (for Beginners) (

Superbowl Sunday Stock Tip

There are many ways to capitalize on the big game in the stock market. Here are a couple to keep in mind leading up to Game Day! $DKNG Draftkings $DPZ Domino’s Pizza $CZR Caesars Entertainment $MGM Resorts Int. $BUD Anheuser Busch

How to read stock charts

Being able to read stock charts are must for beginning your investment journey. Here’s a quick link you all might find useful. HAPPY TRADING!!! How to Read Stock Charts: A Guide for Beginners (

Crash Coarse to the Markets

If you ever wondered what the basics were about, here is a quick link to get u started. A Guide to Investing vs. Trading | eToro

How to take advantage of a stock market crash

When times are tough and the bears beat the bulls, there are steps u can take to capitalize on a down market!!!

TESLA Earnings Report Q4

Tesla stock drops after earnings report losing nearly 50 points. The numbers were good but investors were looking for a blowout report.

New Years Event

It’s the New Year, it’s time for celebration!  We are holding two New Years contests, one to celebrate the end of 2021 and another to welcome in 2022. The Years End Crypto Bash will be a quick 6 hour contest that will end at midnight (ET) with $250 in prizes. Entry to this free contest… Continue reading New Years Event

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