Alternate Prizes: Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic and there is a ton to choose from which can make it an overwhelming task to jump into if you are new.  That’s why we wish to help you start building your own crypto portfolio by offering cryptocurrency as a rewards, after-all there is no better time to start building your portfolio than right now!

This is something that we plan to do more of in the future and we are extremely excited for it.

So lets go over the general information and rules for this contest.  Rules may slightly change in the future.

  • Prize must be claimed in CRO coins only. Coins will be transferred from MarketDraft DeFi wallet to the winners DeFi wallet.
  • Winners must have a crypto wallet in order to receive their prize. Such wallets include, but may not be limited too,
    2. Coinbase
    4. TrustWallet
  • MarketDraft bares no responsibility, obligation, and/or any interest in legal or financial gains and/or losses associated with the CRO coin and/or DeFi wallet.
  • Cash value of the Cryptocurrency Prize will be calculated on the contest posting date of 4/25/2022. Cash value of the prize will be added to the winners total annual MarketDraft winnings balance. For withdrawals of $250 or more MarketDraft may request users to provide their social security number before the withdrawal is processed. In the event that a user’s annual net winnings exceed $600,  MarketDraft is required to file a 1099-MISC tax form.
  • At the time of acquisition, the price of 1 CRO was equivalent to $0.4062 USD.
  • Winners will have 30 days to claim their prize.  Unclaimed prizes will become the property of MarketDraft.
  • Sponsored contests may come with additional rules. is not affiliated with this contest.

Have fun and good luck everyone!

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