A word regarding quarterly reports

Hello everyone!

Our goal with bringing you these reports is to equip you with the needed knowledge to succeed.  With this in mind, we will be expanding the list of reports to include Medium and Small cap companies as well.  These will be 2 new posts to help maintain the digestibility of the information given and the scope will be limited to the NYSE and NASDAQ just like the current Large-cap reports are.

Now, it has come to light during our initial expansion that there have been some inconsistencies in the source we have used before to bring you this information.  Sadly, these inconsistencies are not isolated and can be found across multiple different sources.  Moving forward we will be doing our utmost bring you accurate and relevant reporting based upon the multiple new resources we have at hand.  There is a ton of information out there just for this and unfortunately there are a lot of differences between them without any real discernible reason as to why.  That being said, should we misreport, or fail to, please let us know so we can better refine our process.

Thank you everyone and we really hope you enjoy the extra reports!

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