Take a Survey, Get Rewarded!

We’ve come quite a ways from our start and we still have plenty more to bring to the platform and to all of you. So, while we work on the next major update, we would love to hear from you!

Please answer the survey below, numbering your answer for easy reference. As an added bonus and thank you, we will credit your account with $5 for completing the survey. Your feedback is highly valuable to us and your honest thoughts will help us shape and create a better platform for everyone so go into detail if you need to!

1. What aspects of MarketDraft do you particularly enjoy?

2. Are there any features or aspects of the platform that you’re not satisfied with?

3. What improvements would you suggest for a better user experience?

4. Are there parts of the platform that you find challenging or confusing to navigate?

5. Are there specific features or tools you’d like to see introduced to MarketDraft?

6. Has using MarketDraft influenced or improved your real-world trading skills or sparked your interest in investing?

7. Would you prefer more contests focused on crypto, stocks, or an equal mix of both?

8. Do you enjoy daily challenges more, or would you like longer contests that span over a week?

9. Would you recommend MarketDraft to a friend or someone interested in learning to invest?

10. Which do you use more frequently: the MarketDraft app or the website?

11. On average, how many times a day do you engage with MarketDraft, either via the app or the website?

12. Is there any other feedback or suggestions you’d like to share with us?

Please email your answers to info@marketdraft.com with the subject titled “Survey Answers”

Thank you,

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